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Uncovering the Bible
with Critical Thinking Skills

Homeschool Curriculum to Deepen Your Child's Knowledge and Love for God


Who We Are

About Biblical Excavations

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Biblical Excavations creates Christian Bible curriculum that cultivates a deep and profound love for God in your homeschool student. Understanding God's Word through the art of asking better questions, your teen will leave home with the skills they need to keep and defend their faith.

Our mission is to teach High School students critical thinking skills to look at the Bible in a deeper way. Looking at the context, culture, original words, and asking thoughtful questions, our curriculum prepares students for a lifetime of faith.

What We Do

Our Bible Homeschool Course 

Fully Online Curriculum for High School Students

Your Sabbath Invitation Homeschool High School Course

Inspire a Love for God and His Word

Your Sabbath Invitation is Bible homeschool curriculum designed to teach High Schoolers the art of asking good questions. Digging into the language and meaning of Scripture, your student will hone their Critical Thinking Skills.

Course Curriculum Highlights:

  • Critical thinking skills to think deeply about faith

  • The art of asking good questions

  • The basics of Hebrew language and thought

  • God’s design and invitation for Sabbath

  • To fall in love with God’s Word

What Sets Us Apart

Curriculum Features

Faith for a Lifetime

The mission for our courses is to help students deepen and embolden their faith. Especially as teens leave home, it is critical to have a solid Christian foundation to carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

Family Connection

Our courses provide conversation cards that enable you to engage with your child with what they're learning and start meaningful Biblical discussions.


We strive to make our courses as accessible as possible, which is why we offer competitive rates for our classes.


Students have 24/7 access to the 100% online course material. All tests and progress dates are flexible to adjust with your schedule.

Why Are So Many Students
Walking Away From Faith?


Students who reject their faith after entering college.


Students who are considered Biblically illiterate.


Students who struggle with critical thinking skills.

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High School students haven’t learned to ask hard questions of the Bible and analyze what they believe. Teens leave for college and fall away when professors begin challenging the text and asking questions that they haven’t thought through.

Your teen will not learn to think critically on their own.

For Christian homeschool parents, the Bible is the tool for teaching these skills and Biblical Excavations is your guide.

Try Our Curriculum

Get a Sample Class

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Get your first chapter free from the Your Sabbath Invitation High School Course!

Learn more about the curriculum, study style, and video teachings with our sample class.

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