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High School 
Bible Curriculum

Teach teens to love the Bible, defend their faith, and know God more deeply

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Your Sabbath Invitation Homeschool Course Cover

Inspire a Love for God and His Word

Your Sabbath Invitation is Christian Bible homeschool curriculum designed to teach High Schoolers the art of asking good questions. Digging into the language and meaning of Scripture, your student will hone their Critical Thinking Skills.

Course Curriculum Highlights:

  • Critical thinking skills to think deeply about faith

  • The art of asking good questions

  • The basics of Hebrew language and thought

  • God’s design and invitation for Sabbath

  • To fall in love with God’s Word


About the Course

Curriculum Overview

Your Sabbath Invitation High School Bible Course Includes:

  • Self-Paced Modules

  • 4K Videos Shot on Location in Israel

  • Mighty Networks Web3 Community

  • Digital Student Textbook

  • Digital Student Study Guide

  • Guide for Student Notebook set up

  • Engaging video lectures to accompany reading and assignments

  • Interactive discussions with fellow students online

  • Grading rubric for parents

  • Conversation Cards and Prayer Prompts to engage the material with the whole family

Open Bible

Jesus asked more questions than he answered

Did you know that Jesus is asked 183 questions in the New Testament,

but only directly answers 3?

High School students need to be taught how to think critically – by learning to ask good questions! Too many students haven’t learned to think for themselves. Your Sabbath Invitation is designed to elevate your High School student’s approach to the study of Scripture by fusing critical thinking skills and Biblical understanding.

Credit Options

This course is self-paced and fully flexible. Plan your course for a semester or academic year following the course schedules below.


Complete the course in a 15-week semester with this schedule per week:

  • 1 Course Module (15 min)

  • 2 Textbook chapters (1 hour)

  • 1 hour of Bible reading

  • 1 hour of reflection and writing

  • 1 Final Term Project

  • 1 Final Term Exam

Academic Year

Complete the course in a 30-week academic year with this schedule per week:

  • 1 Course Module per 2 weeks (15 min)

  • 1 Textbook chapter per week (30 min)

  • 30 min of Bible reading

  • 30 min of reflection and writing

  • 1 Final Term Project

  • 1 Final Term Exam

Get the Course: $5

Full course completion is equal to 1 3/4 High School credits. 

Uncovering God's Truth

Learning Objectives


We explore the historical and cultural research behind the Bible, focusing on Biblical sites, cultural context, and original Hebrew words in the text to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible's stories and interpretations over time.


Each lesson in the course challenges students to uncover a new level of understanding about the Bible. We provide an engaging and interactive learning experience that walks students through the logical steps of critical thinking skills through reading, writing, and asking questions.


This course encourages spiritual growth and transformation. Each module ends with questions to help students reflect on their learnings and ponder deeper questions about their faith.


The course is designed with review sections and testing at optimal points to solidify learnings for students and create lifelong study habits when reading the Scripture.

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